5 Car Rental Safety Tips You Should Know

If you're used to frequent traveling then you probably like many other travelers believe that the car rental process will always be straightforward and transparent. However, the truth is there are various horror stories going around concerning the same procedure. Hence, it's better to exercise caution in your next Kerikeri rentals cars choice than be sorry.

Carry A Flashlight/Headlamp

The fact that you are renting a car means that you probably know very little about your location. Therefore, driving around wouldn't as easy as it is in your neighborhood. Having a flashlight in your carry-on will ensure you find your way around especially if you're planning on driving into the night.

Inquire About Your Car Rental Maintenance History

It's very easy to assume that the Kerikeri rentals cars agency conducts regular maintenance routines on their cars. But some don't want to incur costs so they let the cars sit for a while without checkups. Let the representative show you some records and if they seem to hesitate, then know something isn't right. A faulty car is the last inconvenience you would want on your trip.

Have An Emergency Number

Before you leave the Kerikeri rentals cars' counter, ensure the representative gives you a number you should call in case of an emergency. Save it in your mobile and write it down somewhere ( this is in case you run out of battery). 

Take Photos of Interior And Exterior Parts Of The Car

For this reason, ensure to carry a camera or you can also use your mobile. Take clear pictures of various car panels and jot down any noticeable damages. Remember to involve the representative in this procedure, then have then signed on the agreement. You will find this useful in case of blame games later on.

Ensure The Spare Tire Is Inflated

It goes without saying that your car rental should have a spare tire in the trunk. Ensure the changing tools (Jack, lug wrench) are present. Some equipment might be missing or faulty.