The Benefits of Green Buildings

When I decided to build a new home, I began the process by finding house and land packages Wanaka. I met with my architect and we started discussing the finer details. Apparently, green buildings are all the rage and after listening to the benefits, I decided it was something I wanted to do. One of the benefits of green building is that they are good for the environment. They also create sustainable and thriving communities while driving economic growth. I was told that I could lower or remove negative effects on our environment by designing a home that generates its own energy. 

The design that I chose for my new home was one that would allow me to use less water by capturing and treating the rain water that falls on my compound. The design of my roof was aimed at collecting and capturing rainwater, which will then be stored in cisterns to be used later. For instance, I harvest and store rainwater that is used to flush my toilets. And that’s not all because my distillation system is powered by solar. In fact, most of the power used in my home is generated by the sun. 

Overall, the design of my new home helps me to save on my utility bills. For instance, my home is well insulated, which means that I use less power for heating. Also, the appliances that I installed are ones that are energy-efficient. The economic benefits are also impressive because my home commands an increase in the value of the asset compared to a traditional building. Even my building developer enjoyed some benefits, including lowering the construction costs while keeping the value of the property high. Indoor air quality is another benefit I enjoy and I’m thankful to my architect for advising me to go green.